I used to have a major anger problem. I lost my temper mostly with my wife Patty and my kids, the most important people in my life. Strange that it would be that way, but I have discovered as a pastor that many people have anger problems, most men do, and it is usually directed at those closest to them. I can honestly say that I haven’t gotten angry, not even a little irritated for a long time now, at least a year and hopefully for the rest of my life. Anger is a really big problem in many relationships, and needs to be overcome if there is going to be growing love and joy in that relationship.  I am going to start a study and support group  just for men using the book, “Getting Anger Under Control” by Neil Anderson. I have room for a couple more guys. Send me an email if interested.

Going home from Vietnam

Tomorrow we get on a jet and head home. Seems like we have been here for months instead of 10 days. Most of today as we were all over the city of Hanoi I was very reflective about my own life. When you are in a place like Vietnam where there is so much poverty and where the probability of hearing the gospel is so small it causes me to think about my own life and all the blessings I have and know that I don’t deserve them any more than most of the thousands of people I have seen here. God’s grace is a mystery to me, but I have experienced it for sure, and I am determined not to take it for granted, but to live my life in a constant state of gratefulness and to serve Him with all my might because I love Him with all my heart.

Great food in Vietnam

image imageWhile prayer walking along the streets in Vietnam it is fun to eat some of the food that is offered in little shops on the street. The safest food to eat is fruit that needs peeled and food that you watch cooked well. Best food is that which is on a stick so no one’s fingers touch the food as it is roasted over the fire. These little roasted birds were only one US dollar. You will have to guess if I ate one or not😄

Hanging out

imageIt is fun just to hang out with a group of Vietnamese people for awhile attempting to talk to them and them to us. They enjoy practicing their English on us and teaching us some Vietnamese words, though their language is so “tonal” and I am so hard of hearing that I mostly just create a lot of laughs. This group of school kids were especially friendly and talkative.

Water buffalo

imageimageWater buffalo are the “tractors” for the farmers of Vietnam. They use these critters to plow their ground and to pull trailers to haul their crops and other supplies. They are well suited for this farming in that they don’t get foot rot, they are totally resistant to flies with their super thick skin, they can handle very warm weather, and they are very docile. I managed to get some close up photos of some today and even got the one to smile for me😄

Vietnam farming

imageIn Vietnam they farm every square foot of land that is not roads or buildings. The flat ground is mostly rice and the sloped ground they terrace and grow fruits and vegetables, and on the hills they grow tea bushes, coffee trees, banana trees, rubber trees, and a bunch of others. All the farming is done by hand with the help of water buffaloes. They pack water in buckets hung from shoulder yokes often hundreds of yards up steep hills. The country is so beautiful and the fruit is so tasty😄